Monday, July 30, 2018


By Ochieng’ Ogodo

In the beautiful darkness, we shored it up
We danced in warm arms
There we were, speaking volumes
The effervescent wheels turning sweetly
In lively and sedating tones, we spoke
Turning and dancing towards a thousand ends

"Where have you been?"

You are a beautiful flower of the creation
That swung the door open
And arms setting me on the galactic road
Aiming for all at that great unknown
Dancing in the night to the tunes so consuming
My surveying eyes alighted to watch
The beautiful flower in its wholeness
A rainbow shifting and fiddling
In the beautiful darkness
Honing the momentary soul

"Where have you been?"

I want to dance in the night again
With the beautiful flower
No mistaking of the hand of fate
That all shall once be done
With faith of life ours to take
Going towards the endless drone of ever

Seeing the yellow ball wake up in the horizon
Brightly and seductively walking its course
Carrying with it our treasured moments
Seeing clouds curl and race by
Knowing this truth, will never drift away
Seeing the same thing anew,
And hoping somehow to be assured and insured
I want this dance, always
Yes, Dancing in the night

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